Additional Details & Extra Event Cards

Additional Details & Extra Event Cards

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Often it’s the little touches that really count, give your guests a helping hand and include information sheets with additional details such as;

  • Local Accommodation

  • Taxi Firms

  • Directions, we can draw also draw a stylised map for you (Map+£70)

  • Gift List Details

  • An Itinerary For The Day

  • An Invitation to an Extra Event or Ceremony

  • If you would like to keep your wedding an adult only affair, this is a good please to include a brief note to make your guests aware.

Choose From Two Printing Styles;

  • Letterpress Printed - 270gsm Card, 1 Ink Colour

    If you require more than 1 additional card, these will be supplied as Separate Sheets. It’s not possible to print these double sided as the impression from the Letterpress will show through on the other side.

  • Digitally Printed - 270gsm Card, Non-Metallic Inks.

    If you require more than 1 additional card, these can be Separate Sheets, a Folded Card or a Double Sided Card. Please let us know your preference when you send over your wording.

1 or 2 Sheets Per Invite?:
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Having Extra Wrap Around Events?

These extra cards are also great if you have an extra events you’d like to guests to, be it a Pre-Wedding Dinner, Mhendi, an Additional Ceremony or Recovery BBQ.

Require more than 2 additional inserts?

That’s no problem, please request a bespoke quote below.