How To Layout Your Table Plan


Okay, don't panic, sure it's the biggest dinner party you're ever likely to throw, a diverse mix of generations and personalities with some especially tricky guests thrown in for good measure, it's enough to make your head spin. But let's deal with the most important people first, where are you and your partner going to sit? 

Whilst there is a traditional layout for the top table you absolutely don’t have to follow it.  

For some couples the traditional top table line up works and that’s great, but for a variety of reasons it just won't work for some couples, and that’s okay too.  It’s your wedding, so why cause yourself unnecessary stress? If it doesn’t work for your situation then forget it, there are other options…… 

First though, let’s look at the Traditional Top Table line up

If the traditional top table layout doesn't quite work, perhaps your parent's have remarried or you already have children and want then to sit with you, don't sweat it! Below are some alternative layouts.

Some couples prefer to avoid the issue all together, and don't have a top table at all. In which case you could;

Have a Sweetheart Table
These are growing in popularity, allowing you and your partner to enjoy some quiet time together. 

Have Family Style Seating
Long tables, which can be arranged in a line, a horseshoe or a square formation.

Have Spare Chairs
If you want to maximise your mingling, have a couple of spare chairs at several tables and you can join a different table for each course.

So, hopefully that gives you some ideas, which will you choose?