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Welcome to our Invitation store.

We’ve been designing and creating bespoke letterpress stationery for Life’s Great Events since 2004.

Please take a look around, we have a range of save the date cards, invitations
& wedding day items all available in a choice of colour options.

All the invitations and other items are designed and printed by us in our Oxfordshire Studio.

Our bespoke designs are made to order, with a range of custom options making each one unique.

What is Letterpress.jpg

Letterpress Printing is one of the oldest forms of printing.

A printing plate is engraved with your design and loaded into our vintage press.

The treadle operated press opens like a clam shell, allowing the rollers to first collect the ink from the inking disk and then transfer it to the printing plate.

As the press closes again each, individually hand-fed card, is pushed against the print plate.

The pressure of this creates an impression in the card, giving it a unique tactile finish that is impossible to replicate with modern techniques.


We’re Open;
Monday - Friday
9am till 5pm

Call: 01844 216332

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